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The Drop in Bereavement Centre, based at 187 Grange Road, Plaistow London E13 0HA (Tel: 0207 511 6444)  was accredited March 2012 by the Development Officers of The Forum for Health & Wellbeing Communities of HealthSt Mark's Community Centre 218 Tollgate Road Beckton LONDON, E6 5YA             020 7473 9513        www.BEMCCF.org.uk

The Drop In Bereavement Centre provides ongoing help and support for bereaved individuals and families. It aims to assist them  in coming to terms with bereavement.  It seeks to help in making a real and sustained difference in the community. 

Our Values are:
  • Understanding
  • Compassion     
  • Hope                
Referrals to the Centre can be made in the following manner.

For Newham residents:
  • GP Referral - forms can be obtained and completed by your GP and forwarded to the Centre by post or given to individuals to bring along to the Centre.
  • General Referral via Community Organisations, Newham Carers (Newham Centre for Mental Health and Newham Psychological Services).
  • Self referrals - forms can be obtained from the Centre for completion.
The Centre also accepts referrals from residents and organisations outside of Newham:  

The Centre is managed independently by the Co-founders and is supervised under the guidence of Kevin Jenkins, Specialist Project Senior Advisor of Community Links Trust, Overall Beacon Fellowship Award Winner 2008, Tel: 020 7473 9685 ; e: kevin.jenkins@community-links.org, w: www.community-links.org | tw: @comm_links ; 105 Barking Road | London | E16 4HQ.

The Drop in Bereavement Centre are proud to announce in August 2013 The Developmental Project for The Over 50/60's Health And Well Being Therapy Workshops for Bereaved Individuals have been funded by the following: A tremendous BIG thanks for such fundamental support. Thanks to Rachel Orford, Ford BritainTrustTel: 01277 252551,Registered Charity 269410 for supporting by way of donation of £200 to the Centre's annual Social Activity Trips, much appreciated.  



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